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Shai at Pome Studio – re-thinking the salon experience

Another woman who inspires me in so many ways: to be more creative, to stand by integrity, to follow passion, and to speak from the heart.  Shai is a wonderful hair stylist, photographer and friend. She owns and works out of Pome Studio in Vancouver’s downtown.

Photo by Shai at

Her bio:

I bring the authenticity I practice in my own lifestyle into my work, which includes caring for other people’s hair as I do my own and listening to them with the same attention and curiousity I give myself. At Pome, I try to keep you, me and the planet healthy by using products full of plant ingredients and fewer chemicals. My priority is to improve the condition and style of your hair and match it to your lifestyle and hair-type.

The bonus of living and working an authentic way is that I get to share in great conversations with people who feel they can be the same in my space. Often at the end of an appointment when a client thanks me for the hairstyle he/she thanks me for the conversation, as well, and that’s when I’m truly inspired to keep doing this.


Naturopathic Lifestyles – Dr Meaghan ND

I’ve decided to add a section on people who live their life in an inspirational way.

Dr. Meaghan McCollum is a Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary, AB. She inspires me to seize the early hours of the morning and go for a run (inspiration and action don’t always coincide). She inspires me to eat more avocados and kale. She inspires laughter and humility. Thank you, Meaghan!

Her Bio:

Dr Meaghan began with a passion for delicious, healthy, whole foods. She combines this with her dedication to distance running and her education in naturopathic medicine. The result is a unique approach to inspiring others in achieving their own health goals through positive, sustainable lifestyle changes and specialized therapeutics. Being a high level athlete she brings her personal experience as a runner to assist active individuals in optimizing their training and performance through dietary assistance, training modifications, and injury prevention and treatment.